huge sense of relief

is time really money? is money really time? what is the neoliberal agenda, and why don't I have a copy?

MASSIVE SENSE OF URGENCY, about an office temp trying to deconstruct capitalism using power-tools and mime, is my debut show.

It is funded by Arts Council England and previewed at the Roundhouse in June 2017 after residencies and support from Battersea Arts Centre, Brainchild Festival, OffBeat Festival Oxford and Camden People's Theatre.

It is currently in its second stage of development with Ovalhouse and Kirsty Housley (Complicite), with performances 22nd - 24th March 2018.

Tickets here


my next show is called huge sense of relief. it's about outer space and anxiety. but not anxiety about outer-space.


The best way to keep up to date with my performances is via my Twitter and Instagram.

Confirmed spoken-word gigs for 2018:

January 9th - SoFar Sounds, London

March 3rd - SoFar Sounds, London

June 1st - Forum For European Culture, Amsterdam

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